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This part of the Tashkent Man article will focus on film footage.


Over 43 minutes of footage of the peace talks, spanning 9 reels, mainly uncut, has been acquired in Russia. Around one minute of footage has also been acquired in France by way of the United States of America. Due to the fact that, at the time of writing of this article, various talks are ongoing related to the broadcasting of this material on television and other media, the source archives will be disclosed only once these talks have concluded.


Permission has been acquired to publish a small selection of the material on this website as a precursor to further work ahead. Therefore, unlike the previous part of this article, this part will serve as merely a sampling of the overall body of footage.


Subsequent parts of this article will delve far deeper into the fascinating details that can be discovered in the footage. This will culminate in a full-fledged forensic analysis of the Tashkent Man and a timeline of his movements at the peace talks. In addition to this, some explanation of his behavior and possible motives will then be offered based on information gathered in Russia.

The source material consists of a set of three main pieces of film footage and some related enhanced videos where applicable. Due to space and performance constraints, all film footage has been necessarily cut down in size and resolution in order to facilitate proper viewing via streaming. The same applies to imagery.